A Good Place to Begin

My name is Rebekah Love. Today is Saturday and I only have my youngest home. She is 16 1/2 months old and just fell asleep for a nap. She is my youngest of many. She is the only child my partner and I have together. She is my little Sweet Pea. I dont know if she quite realizes how blessed she is being the youngest of this family. Sweet Pea has many older siblings to watch over her, to spoil her, to teach her everything she needs to know in life. I wonder what she will do with all that support and love.

My hope for the day is to finish this blog and not delete it all again! I am having a hard time getting started. And then, once I am done I plan to finish cleaning my dining room. I started it yesterday and I got almost everything put away of thrown away. I am trying to simplify my home. I do this every so often, life gets busy and I run out of energy to finish what I have started. Yesterday i got rid of 6 large bags of clothes and toys! and I only brought home one bag with clothes for Sweet Pea from her aunty. This is about the point when I get stuck not knowing what to say next.

I used to write all the time. And I have a gift for it at times, at least for putting words together in such a way that others can understand them and even appreciate what I have to say. This is also a little scary for me to put myself out for others to see, but its what I want to do with my life. I want to write. I want others to read what I am writing. I figure if I just get this out there, next time will be a little easier. I had a plan, which I forgot. I had a few topics of interest, which I didn’t write down and so now I am struggling. But at least I am putting some words down, right? And I am no more vulnerable now, than if I had stuck to a plan. At least that is my thinking. I will improve, with time and confidence.

I feel pretty blessed in this life. I have so many supportive people that let me know that I can do whatever I put my mind to. And I want to write this blog not only for myself and people I don’t know, but also for all those who support and love me. I feel that it is one way I can give back, to them, to myself. I deserve this. I love us all! I am going to go and think some more about what I want to write here, while I clean the dining room. I am hoping to get a little feedback, be gentle.

Thanks for reading,

Rebekah Love


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