I feel as though my heart and head are full up of thoughts and feelings for the ones I love. I don’t feel like I can just settle down and process everything. Such a busy year already, it’s like my mind has reached the quota of what it could handle and is being pressed beyond to a new space where it has the ability to take on more. I’m not exactly afraid of what’s to come, just hopeful with a pinch of worry. At lot of changes. I used to look to the season changes for a new perspective, but right now, this year, everything seems a blur. I’m here to get it all out and off my chest so that I can make it through. I feel the need to pull into myself and just be…I wonder if I could and yet maintain what needs to be done? It used to work, or did it? Maybe that is what went wrong before? For tonight I will just sleep, let my dreams try to unlock the meaning of this life. 


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