Bus 172

Sitting on a bus thinking about how things used to be.

I love him so much, by I can’t seem to make him happy.

He feels he has crushed my spirit, I’m not being true to myself.

I know he loves me I can feel it, but changing isn’t something I can help.


*so I go on, hoping that we can work this out, cause I love you…so. We can make it together if we really tried, cause I love you…so.*

I take a trip, call it a short break. Trying to remember who I am.

Keep my thoughts on me, evaluate. Figure out where it is I stand.

Find the beauty inside of me, what happened to all my dreams.

It’s still there just waiting for me to open up and scream.


I’m thinking back again, to what attracted me in the first place. 

Our friendship will never end, I know this I can see it in his face.

Everlasting is our love, it’s not enough. No, no, no.



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