My life

Wake up, hurry now, is the coffee ready yet?

Feed them, it’s time to get dressed, well aren’t you ready yet?


*dont think you can escape it, it’s your life so take it, and hold it in your arms like a fragile newborn baby. Just open up your eyes and see the beauty deep inside yourself and know you are strong enough to make it…oh, you’ll make it.*

Nap time, to get some things done, not as much fun as you’d expect. 

You feed them again, but then the sun sets. Did your day go as you expected.

You lay them down, thinking it’s your turn. It hasn’t come to an end.

Cause he needs his, got to get yours too.  why does love making have to end?


Four kids, plus him you’re lucky. There’s no wait for your life to begin.

Sweet dreams, wild and free. Just like it was in the beginning.



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