Intense love

Have you yet experienced a love and understanding so strong that it seems to raise your level of vibration? 

I don’t have all the answers and I believe that each person has their own take on this feeling of intense love. 

One friendship I have is unique to me. I have known him half my life, we dated when I was 17 and the fierceness of his energy scared me away, but we remained friends. 

When we are together I can feel his soul holding mine, caressing me on a level I have only experienced with him. Most times we hardly touch. We talk about nothing and everything. At times I have acted naturally around him, but became self-aware and realized that no matter what I do or say, he loves  me. This is a freeing friendship. 

We don’t live near each other and don’t connect as often as either of us would like. That is in part due to the different paths we took while trying to “grow up.” 

I strongly feel though that living so far apart is a good thing for us both. We have done the “what if” conversation. One thing that keeps me grounded is that we could never really know what life would be like if we had been married. Would he have been able to handle me at full strength? Or I him? Would we still be in similar situations having giving our all to each other only to be starting over with someone else? Or would we still be happy and in love? 

I am happy for my journey, all of which has made me the amazing woman I am today, still growing, learning.

And I am grateful for the passion we share whether we are close enough to touch, or only together with words. Maybe I’d like to see more of him, but even the distance is right. I love my life with my partner, and I’m glad for his acceptance of my standing, of how I choose to love others. 

Love is so powerful, it’s too much to contain, you just got to go with it.


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