Eggshells forever underfoot

For me, there comes a time when you just have to accept what is and try to live with it.

I know that in most situations I will make mistakes. I understand that making mistakes does not make me a bad person, and the opinions of one person do not equate the opinions of everyone. Nor do those opinions have any true standing in explaining who I am. 

Sometimes I forget myself, is that right? Or is it that I forget how to behave around others who are effected so drastically by my behavior? Could it be that I am so insensitive? Maybe. 

I know that what I say and do has a huge impact on others, I just wish it wasn’t so. I want to make mistakes and blunders and be able to say I am sorry and have that be believed. Intention means nothing to some. 

I am tired of paying attention, of trying to behave so that I do not offend others all the time. And do those people have to watch what they say to me? It doesn’t feel like it. Only I don’t point it out, I don’t get angry, or condemn. I just try to let it go, to understand where that person is coming from, I try to not take it personal. 

One little crack, I hear it only too late. And I am left trying to scrape myself off the floor, wishing is been silent, reminding myself that I am still a good person. I know me, I know my heart, my intent. It does matter, to me.


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