Eggshells Forever Underfoot (second go)

For me, there comes a time when you don’t want to keep walking lightly anymore.

I make mistakes, many of them. I can be insensitive. What I say and do drastically effects others and I need to be mindful of how I behave. Intention means nothing to some.

I fail to see how my apology isn’t worth much, or how someone else can know me so well, that they know my heart and don’t consider it? I think they don’t really know me. I am so tired of watching my steps. 

I forget myself, is that right? Or is it that I am who I am, just like any other person. I make mistakes, I need love and understanding. At least half as much as I give? 

I don’t lash out when I have been wronged, or point out others flaws that make it seem like they are wrong, or different. 

One little crack, I hear it too late. Now I am left scraping myself off the floor, trying to remember that I am worthy, I am kind and giving. I make mistakes, it’s a part of living and growing. I remind myself that one person’s opinion doesn’t equate who I am, nor what everyone else thinks.

I make mistakes.

(One such mistake is trying to post this while being outside of wifi range, it deletes the whole thing. Rewriting a heartfelt thing with the same tone, no fun.)


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