My friends are moving.

I am not generally a needy person. I tend to seperate  myself from my friends at times. It’s not that I don’t need them, or that I don’t want them in my life. It’s just that I am a bit of a home body and like sticking to my routine. It’s part of who I am. I have enjoyed those times when life is busy and social, but I cling to my solace. 

Now that my friends have been moving on, or moving away, I find myself missing them a whole lot. I do have some people close to me that have not lived close to me for some time, but somehow that works for us. We come together and really enjoy the heck out of our visits. I hope the friends that are moving or have moved away are able to share in those kind of experiences with me still. 

I think I might be a little sad. But at the same time I am super excited about  the adventures they are on, or are about to be on. I feel so blessed to have known such amazing people in my lifetime. I keep memories of our talks and fun times floating around in my head and that makes me happy. 


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