My magic

there is this space in between dreams and waking where you can almost feel the magic. Some search their whole lives for this feeling only to catch a slight glimpse of what others fully live through their entire journey. I am somewhere between. Right before my eyes open and are able to adjust to the realities of the morning. The bleeping alarm, the feeling of cold toes and snuggles that are just a little too hard for my slightly changing with age body. I am there just moments after the little one is picked up by his momma and about thirty minutes from beginning my evening chores of making dinner that takes too long and closing down the bus to keep the cold from creeping in with the mosquitoes. I sneak off, just to find some mushrooms to add to the meal, just to prance for a moment unencumbered by the weight of arms that wish to hold momma forever, bending low under branches, I am taken back to when I lived those dreams! To when my mind was filled with stories and dmt that flowed through my sensitive perceptive brain highlighting the magic all around me. I feel free. I feel like I really could lift my toes off the ground and float with the clouds that roll in over the south face of the mountain. I am bringing forth the magic of my ancestors, my children and all those who know. My tummy grumbles, a bite on the neck and a buzzing in my ear. Was I gone too long this time? Momma? I am here, let me show you.


Write like no one is reading your stuff anyway.

I have noticed that my blog has no regular visits from anyone. I don’t have a following. No one is reading my stuff! That is actually pretty neat. 

I am not writing so much for others, but for myself. I do want feedback, I enjoy hearing how others think or feel about something I’ve written. But this writing for me thing is actually pretty cool! I feel kinda free, like I will be able to look back at what I’ve done and be proud that I got it out, and no one else is the wiser. 

Now maybe I can spill my musings out here and not be afraid of my style, my tone, and least of all my spelling!

The leaves outside my client’s sliding glass door are a brilliant color yellow. There are flecks of orange, green, and brown throughout most of the leaves. There is a small breeze and the branches look to be floating, as the sun shines only for this tree in their back yard. I can hear the wind chimes tinkle and the far off highway, I’m so glad to have found my favorite sweater this morning.