Write like no one is reading your stuff anyway.

I have noticed that my blog has no regular visits from anyone. I don’t have a following. No one is reading my stuff! That is actually pretty neat. 

I am not writing so much for others, but for myself. I do want feedback, I enjoy hearing how others think or feel about something I’ve written. But this writing for me thing is actually pretty cool! I feel kinda free, like I will be able to look back at what I’ve done and be proud that I got it out, and no one else is the wiser. 

Now maybe I can spill my musings out here and not be afraid of my style, my tone, and least of all my spelling!

The leaves outside my client’s sliding glass door are a brilliant color yellow. There are flecks of orange, green, and brown throughout most of the leaves. There is a small breeze and the branches look to be floating, as the sun shines only for this tree in their back yard. I can hear the wind chimes tinkle and the far off highway, I’m so glad to have found my favorite sweater this morning.