A beautiful wood stove!

Today we bought a beautiful wood stove! It is 24″x18″x40″. Which will fit perfectly in our bus! 

We are so excited about it. We found it in craigslist for $75. I can’t wait to lift it into its place. 


Our tiny home sweet home

Last April, my partner and I decided to buy a school bus and convert it into a tiny home. We planned to do this over several months while living in a house, but as life is ever-changing we bought the bus in time to move out of our rented house and into the bus. 

The 25ft 1987 international school bus we purchased was previously converted by what looked like two separate people at different times. The front half looked to be taken from a 1950’s camper. The bunk was full sized and the bathroom was scary. There was also three feet of storage space in the back.

I think all that remains of that conversion is a small part of the cupboards. And even that is going to be replaced in time.

We started out by tearing almost everything out. We salvaged some of the lumber and screws, but most of it went to the dump. 

Since we had to move in so quickly, it’s been a huge process getting things done. Most of our belongings are in storage. It’s nice, but also since its out of sight, it’s not being dealt with. I am trying to downsize and simplify our lives. We want to buy land and grow a huge garden. 

So now that we have been living in the kaos for almost six months now, it actually looks like we are moving in the right direction! We also have children and that makes remodeling even more interesting! I’m very thankful for their patience. I plan to share pictures and our progress soon. It’s more to document things for our loved ones, but also ourselves. 

More to come!